Monday, January 19, 2009

Hail ToThe Chief!!

We as a nation are about to say goodbye to President George Bush. Personally for me it is a sad goodbye to a man that I believe to be full of integrity. A man that I believe to be a Patriot, a man who put what he believed the countries best interests first. And most importantly a man of solid faith.

I can hear the faint voices of many different anti-American groups that will continue to bash President Bush. Ridiculous groups like This is a liberal group that plans to conduct a rally that rally begins at DuPont Circle, followed by a march to the White House with shoes and combat boots planning on hurling them at the White House. This is a group that says they will insist that President Elect Obama have President Bush arrested on war crimes. I wonder if this group of anti-Americans has ever once said "Thank You" to President Bush for the more than 2500 days of safety.

I just wonder where this anti-American group was during the Monica Lewinsky days...didn't seem to even hear of them back then. If they care so much about the death of American (as they claim) why is it they are never protesting the places right here on our soil where innocent Americans are being murdered every single day...these places are called abortion clinics.

I would like to say kudos President Bush, I am proud to call you my president. I recognize that you had a very difficult presidency. I may not agree with every decision that you ever made but I will say that when there were tough decisions to make you never ran away from them. I believe that history will judge you to be a wonderful president.

Just as I have prayed for President Bush and his family I too will be praying for President Elect Obama and his family. I certainly did not vote for him but he is going to be my president and I want him to succeed. I am going to differ mightily in the way he does things and I will pray that he re-think many of his ideas and policies.

I also pray that we republicans do not become what we have despised over the last eight years. The easy thing to do is sit back and through criticism. The hard thing to do is get involved in making the country the best it can be. Republicans...please take the moral high ground and fully support President Elect Obama where you can and when you disagree with him disagree in a way that is not anti-American. We are in serious need of Unity and by-partisanship.

Farewell President Bush you will be missed by many, thank you for keeping us safe!! And also welcome President Obama I am praying for you and I want you to know that REAL Americans wish you the best.